2013 , SincerePlus announced the first company profile of Battery-Swap station in Taiwan, the team provides fast swap service of Lithium-Battery for electric vehicles, allowing users of electric vehicles to easily get instant power.

SincerePlus developed multi-ports of Battery-Swap station in Taiwan, the single station provides 15 ports for battery-swap service and makes user easily get instant power by easy-card operating.

2014 , Taichung city government and SincerePlus cooperated to build the First Automated Battery-swap System in Taichung City , Taiwan.

INVENTION PATENT, SincerePlus ,Taiwan (R.O.C)

2021 ,The V-CONN innovation is both design of integrating and connecting interface module having active-latching mechanism ( including power, signal, locking, remote control ).

The High-Value V-CONN inventions for which patents have been filed on an international scale in battery link technology application.

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