New Product Lunch in Q4 ,2021 INVENTION PATENT, SincerePlus ,Taiwan (R.O.C)

3 in 1 integrated module design․

High current / Different signals / Robust locker

● Fool-Proof design for blind mating

● Simplify the cable routing of system

● Expandable universal module

● Convenient and easy to operate

● Significantly reduce overall costs

A super evolution of device needs will help clients to solve portable battery use problems.

The V-CONN for electric power device is expected to make a debut in Q4 of 2021.

The V-CONN innovation is both design of integrating and connecting interface module having active-latching mechanism ,power, signal, locking and remote control ) .

The V-CONN innovation design “Three-in-One module connection Invention Patent”,

It makes portable device operation easiest .

The V-CONN design is based on AIoT and APP mode, also dual function can be unlocked remotely or manually to meet different client needs.

According to the flexible dual mode of client needs, V-CONN can be efficiently connected in series or in parallel mode for expansion of ultra-large capacity portable device.

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