“When next-generation batteries such as solid-state batteries are rapidly commercialized, The power battery will be smaller in size and most suit to Battery-Swap easily. "

SincerePlus was established in New Taipei city ,Taiwan ( R.O.C) 2012, we focus on the ORSWAP system development, joint integrated cloud AIoT、 electronic、electrical 、mechanical and more…

SincerePlus has been providing ORSWAP commercial solution for different client needs including cloud management , system integration , battery design and device control methods...

Building your Battery-SWAP and need your field ideas on where to get started ?

Contact ORSWAP6.com which cover modules and system service for a variety of demands and budgets.

The lead-acid batteries may bring about lots of pollution accidents such as fires, explosions, poisoning and leaks, contaminating environment and damaging ecosystem. ORSWAP solution focus 3R Design (Reuse /Reduce /Recycle ) in order to alternative lead-acid battery application.

ORSWAP make efforts to create commercial efficiency and benefits for client solution value.

ORSWAP use LTO battery technology to develop latest battery-swap solution continuously , it has many features including high Safety ,Quick charge ,wide SOC ,long Life-Cycle ,wide Temperature and high Output ..., Especially, it is well-suitable for the long-term commercial solution.

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